Sunday 21 July 2024

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Admitting the International Students in KUT

  Reporting from the international affairs office of KUT; the first group of international students admitted by KUT to computer engineering and electrical engineering in the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year.

  According to this report; Dr. Heshmati, the head of presidential office, public relations and international affairs, alongside announcing this news added: to make our goals come true, macro policies and promoting the international ranking of the university, admitting international students have been a part of our policies and following up the steps taken, the first group of international students admitted by KUT in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees programs in computer engineering and electrical engineering.

  He also added: the international affairs office is pursuing continually towards admitting international students from different countries and have signed collaboration agreements with universities of Iraq, turkey, Russia, Cyprus, and India, and we may well face more international students admitting in KUT in close future.

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